Over the past 10 years, the award winning 69 Colebrooke Row has established itself as one of the leading bars in both the London and International cocktail scene. As much as we would love to host private events at the bar, we are a small venue and we take pride in being open to our customers on a nightly basis. 

We can however, provide several off-site options tailored to fit your hospitality or promotional requirements. We have experience working with fashion labels, art galleries, charities, drinks brands and media. Regularly providing the bar service for prestigious events such as the OFM Awards (Observer Food Monthly).

Our connection with Drink factory (www.thedrinkfactory.com) allows us not only to recreate the cocktails enjoyed at 69 Colebrooke Row but also to provide bespoke cocktails based on the events profile, ensuring that the beautifully prepared cocktails help the guests have a unique and memorable experience. 


Tony Conigliaro is acknowledged as one of the UK’s pioneering drinks creators and is one of the most respected bartenders globally. 

Having opened and managed many of the best bars in London, Tony began to pay attention to the work of Chefs and incorporated new methods and techniques in creating drinks, this resulted in some ground-breaking cocktail menus.

“My influences don’t always come from people – sometimes a movement in cuisine, or a book can affect me. Perfumers for example bring something very new to the equation.”

We offer a comprehensive, flexible service to match your requirements. Once a bespoke menu and production plan has been created, the 69 Colebrooke Row team will then organise ingredients, equipment, glassware, ice and any extras involved for the drink preparation and bar service.

We pride ourselves on service and we offer professional staff personally trained at the laboratory and at the bar by Tony himself, to ensure we deliver the highest possible level of service. This immaculately attired team will wear the smart 69 Colebrooke Row uniform that consists of a white shirt and emblazoned jacket, black tie, trousers and shoes – unless the brand prefers them to wear a specific outfit. 

Previous Events 

Roland Mouret: Cocktail bar for the new Mens Wear launch.• Elton John Tiara Ball: Cocktail bar at this charity event.• Pharrel Williams: Album Launch at Present, London EC2• Rob Ryan: Cocktail bar at Rob Ryan Gallery Launch.• Victoria Miro: Cocktail bar at Victoria Miro Gallery Launch.• Men’s Lab at Harrods: Cocktail bar at the launch of this event.• RRL: Cocktail bar at Ralph Lauren Launch of his new vintage denim brand, at Liberty’s London.• L’Oreal: Cocktail bar at L’Oreal event. Launching new cosmetics products.• Alice in Wonderland: music event at the Young Actors Theatre • Mr Porter UK: online men’s fashion retailer launch. Cutty Cargo: Secret Bar at London Event.



“Since it was a special event for us and one of the first! Both they [69 Colebrooke Row] and us were trying to come up with something that will make this event special. Roland’s first suggestion was to collaborate with Tony Conigliaro and 69 Colebrooke Row.”
Eugenia Nunez
at Roland Mouret 
“Thanks again for last night – the cocktails were (and looked!) great and everyone enjoyed them very much. Many thanks”
Smaranda Radicati Di Brozolo
Polo Ralph Lauren, Special Projects – Europe 
“Once again wanted to say, thank you so much. I will of course, be keeping 69 Colebrooke Row in mind for all future events.”
Paul Watson PR Manager
at Mr Porter UK
"The team at 69 Colebrooke Row were great – from designing the amazing drinks for the event, to the incredible attention to detail during service at the event"
Will Parinson
Cutty Cargo


We will be happy to assist with any of your enquiries. Please contact:

tel 07540528593

email drinks@69colebrookerow.com